Vibration conveyor



       The electromagnetic vibrating conveyors of Arait let you solve all situations in the production process where the carrying capacity of the conveyor and cleaning are essential. To do this using the latest technology to control frequency power toroid induces vibration allows for optimal performance characteristics and total control in the transport of the product. Constructive simplicity and absence of corners and areas of difficult access for cleaning makes them ideal solutions for the food industry, while maintenance is minimal.

Transporte por vibraciónTransportador vibrante



  •      Made of stainless steel.
  •      Termination in dimple or plain sheet.
  •      Dimensions of the tray based on the transport capacity required.
  •      Level fixed or adjustable via keyboard or external vibration signal.
  •      Optional Accelerometer for full control of the vibration amplitude.


Zaranda de transporte


Main uses

  •      Feeding multihead weighers.
  •      Transport and separation of "hard" products or matted
  •      Uniform dosage for topping applications or cascade feeding.


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