Chips fryers




      ARAIT chips fryers are characterized by the high quality of the finished potato chip and the care of the oil used in the process of fried . Depending on the required production capacity and the desired finish on the potato chip fried solutions have intermittently ( oven) or continuously (running fried ) . In the first case the heat input to the oil is performed by direct flame , and in the other case heating oil is indirectly performed using one or several heat exchangers , depending on the required heating power . Along with the fryer has an oil filtering equipment used to remove all the solid particles and keep the oil in optimal condition for fried and maintaining natural and healthy properties longer. Another important factor in the conservation of the oil is frying temperature, for it all our systems feature PID temperature control oil temperature probes in both the heat exchanger and the inlet and outlet oil in fryer. Also due to the careful design and efficient oil circulation the temperature of the fryer is always less than 200 ° C , temperature at which the oil begins to deteriorate rapidly.

tren patatas chip



  • In batch fryers productions from 40Kg/h to 120Kg/h of finished product.
  • In continuous fryers from 150Kg/h to 1200 Kg/h of finished product..
  • Made of stainless steel.
  • Frying  time and temperature adjusted by touchscreen.
  • Easy cleaning thanks to the fryer design focused on eliminating corners or hard to reach areas.


Complete fryed lines

    Complementing chips fryers, as manufacturers of machinery 4th range we solve also the previous process that has to have potatoes before frying and also give solution to the transport, sorting by color, salted and / or flavored, weighting and packaging thereof once fried.

Pre-processing machinery

  • Potato infeed hoppers.
  • Stone remover and washing machine.
  • Peeling potatoes in batches or continuously.
  • Selection belt.
  • Potato cutter.
  • Starch remover.


Post-processing machinery

  • Vibrating conveyors for draining and separations of chips.
  • Color selector for automatic elimination of chips out of quality.
  • Salter and/or flavoring.
  • Weighing and fully automatic packaging.


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