The multihead weigher is the best solution for most heavy applications of products automatically. The high precision weighing and its excellent performance in terms of speed multihead weighers make the best investment for your production line. Its operation is based on the use of a number of simple weighing (number of heads) which combine to give the desired weight. Although its main application is for weighing granular products multihead weighers Arait also adapted to the weighing of all types of products.




                                                                                                                               * Maximum speed

multicabezal lagrimada

  •      Touch screen 10 'color with 100 customizable recipes
  •      Plain or dimple surface
  •      Opening and closing buckets controlled by stepper motors.
  •      Weighing electronics, engines and integrated into the head itself vibration.
  •      Modular design allows the exchange of bowls or spindles in different positions.
  •      Completely made ​​of stainless steel.
  •      Degree of protection IP65
  •      Control power distributor cone load cell




  • Bol collector with double opening engine.
  • Rotatory distribution coneCono multicabezal
  •      Vibrators inclined to facilitate the supply of the product.
  •      Discharge chute with different angles for delicate or sticky products.
  •      Power distribution systems for multiple trays, jars in different configurations 2x1, 4x2, 6x2


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