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Arait vertical packaging machines allow packaging of all types of granular products in its various formats such as flat bag, square bottom bag, doy-pack, four side sealed bag, stabilo, etc ...


bolsa plana fondo plano doypack

     Normal  3 weldings                           Square botton / 4 weldings                                     Doy-pack


Characteristics vertical packaging machines

  •      Pneumatic or servo technologies.
  •      Possibility of working servo intermittently or continuously.
  •      Width of bag made from 50 mm. up to 550 mm.
  •      Bag length up to 1 meter.
  •      Constant heat welding or pulsed
  •      Production speeds up to 90 bags per minute depending on the product.
  •      Synchronization with linear weighers, multihead, volumetric feeders for food and endless product dispensers.
  •      Stopping the machine in order to reel alarms, lack of brand, product entrapment gag, etc ...
  •      Remote connection for remote maintenance of the machine online.


Formato maquina envasadora


  •      Euro-hole punching.
  •      Film promotion.
  •      Flat bottom / sheet English.
  •      Easy to open.
  •      Markers heat transfer.
  •      Metal Detector discharge zone.
  •      Scada system Connection.
  •      Data capture production (manufactured bags, downtime, etc ...).



In addition to our standard range of vertical packaging machines we offer our engineering department to solve the weighing and packing of all kinds of products. Among our customized solutions can include:

  •      Vertical packaging machines for potato chips and snacks with stripping function (Product accommodated to the bag to optimize the filling).
  •      Vertical packaging machines for double tube nuts to double the capacity.
  • Inclined vertical packaging for fragile products.


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